Traditional Model Portfolios

Fuller Investment Management Company offers traditional investment opportunities through a line-up of risk-driven model portfolios with daily liquidity. Investors can choose a portfolio ranging from complete active management, through separately-managed accounts and mutual funds, to complete passive management, through ETFs and indexed funds. These investment options are pre-bundled into model portfolios to allow an efficient and cost effective solution for individual client needs.

Our investment team partners with Envestnet Asset Management Inc. and Portfolio Management Consultants Inc. in the review and selection of asset allocation and fund managers.


Our asset allocation models include strategies that meet a variety of financial goals:

  • Conservative: The conservative portfolio is designed for the income-oriented investor seeking current income with minimal risk to principal. This investor is comfortable with only modest long-term growth of principal, and has a short- to mid-range investment time horizon.
  • Balanced: The balanced portfolio is for the investor who seeks to reduce potential volatility by including income-generating investments in his or her portfolio and accepting moderate growth of principal. This investor is willing to tolerate short-term price fluctuations, and has a mid- to long-range investment time horizon.
  • Growth: The growth-oriented portfolio is built for the investor seeking to maximize the long-term potential for growth of principal. This investor willing to tolerate potentially large short-term price fluctuations, and has a long-term investment time horizon. Generating current income is not a primary goal.
  • Aggressive growth: The aggressive growth-oriented portfolio caters to the investor who has high return expectations and can tolerate higher degrees or fluctuation, including sharp, short-term volatility in the value of their investments. They have a long-range investment time horizon and desire returns that exceed inflation.

Through performance exposures and attribution analysis, Fuller Investing seeks to provide benchmark outperformance through risk-adjusted returns.