Our Culture

As an SEC Registered Investment Advisor firm that is a subsidiary of a charitable non-profit organization, Fuller Investment Management Company has a unique perspective on both the world of investments and the particular needs of the clients we serve.

Guided by the principles of our Christian faith, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We understand deeply that having wealth brings with it a tremendous responsibility. God calls believers to be good and wise stewards of their resources and to show love, generosity and care for others, specifically those who are poor or under-served.

Our goal, through the use of proven investment strategies and experienced professionals, is to support these individuals and organizations with sound investing opportunities that will further their ability and desire to give personally and aid non-profit charities and institutions in support of their mission.

This calling, as we see it, frames and informs how we think, what we do, and the greater purpose behind wisely and carefully handling the funds of others.  We see this as a great responsibility and we assume this with full accountability.

Unique Approach

Fuller Investment Management Company is unique in its mission to offer investment vehicles that serve the charitable interests of our clients. We offer internally managed alternative investments and traditional long-only services.

For well over two decades, we have effectively managed and overseen a hedge fund strategy. The fund of hedge funds, which features a multi-strategy, multi-manager approach to ensure portfolio diversification, is intended to reduce overall risk and add to the consistency of returns. Manager selection and portfolio construction have traditionally attempted to target top-tier talent in the industry that is often difficult to access for even the most sophisticated investors.

And although we take our investment responsibilities very seriously and approach them with structured discipline, we are led a bit more with our heart when it comes to the purposes behind what we do. The Fuller Foundation, which is the parent of Fuller Investment Management Company, facilitates charitable giving for Christian and non-profit organizations, families and individuals. Our services are intended to support the greater good and expansion of God’s Kingdom by empowering those who help others to do their work more effectively through sustained funding.