Endowment Model

The Fuller Endowment Model (FEM) is an institutional quality portfolio offering full diversification through a blend of our best traditional and alternative ideas. The goal of the endowment model is to provide asset growth while generating income, protecting against downside risk without forfeiting upside returns, and adjusting tactically as markets or client needs change.

The FEM approach was specifically designed to best achieve our clients’ return objectives. It largely focuses on portfolio construction and risk management to achieve risk and return objectives. The use of alternative investments complements and enhances an existing risk-adjusted performance profile, which helps manage volatility through all market cycles. This process-driven investment approach leads to the most repeatable and reliable delivery of the targeted risk and return outcomes.

This model is available for high-net-worth and institutional investors.

Investment Objectives

The Fuller Endowment Model is a truly diversified multi-asset portfolio that employs investment principles successfully used by major U.S. university endowments (such as Harvard and Yale). The cornerstone of the approach is that, through a sophisticated portfolio construction process and rigorous risk management, we are able to design a portfolio that not only has significantly lower risk characteristics compared to a traditional growth portfolio, but also one with a higher expected return.

The FEM aims to achieve its investment objectives by dynamically investing across both traditional and alternative asset classes, and through the use of both traditional and alternative investment strategies.


Portfolio Illustration